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Vijay Nagram Hall

The Balram Mahavidyalaya is dream project of Late Shri Balram Singh’s efforts for upliftment of downtrodden, unprivileged, poor and backward section of the remote rural areas with accessibility and affordability. Education is the key to national development and progress of Society. This college is committed to Impart Quality education to students by providing appropriate infrastructure and qualified faculties. It is our desire that students enrich knowledge, inculcate culture of learning and develop capability to compete for jobs in national scenario. We strongly believe in working for achieving excellence in teaching and learning, Emphasis is being laid to provide opportunities to students and faculties to participate in seminars & conferences periodically arranged in college. We are determined to teach and train students for equipping them with skills and qualities through which they succeed in their career. It is faraway the madness of city of Allahabad about 55km, at the bank of Ganges and Tones river surrounded by rocks, lush green, calm atmosphere of Meza tahsil, Sirhir Village, spread over 70 bighas of land. The college has huge state of art buildings separately for Arts, Science and Agruculture. The laboratory and library has all the latest equipments and books for students. The Balram Mahavidyalaya is affiliated with Chhatrapati Sahu ji Maharaj University, kanpur, since its establishment

From the beginning the University has been concerned about women's education. It purchased houses for a women's Hostel and College at the cost of Rs. 66,286 and other buildings adjoining the College. While classes for girls were started in the old building, Sarojini Naidu and later Priyadarshini Girls Hostel was constructed for the boarders and recently the Shatabdi Girls Hostel has been constructed to accommodate many more boarders. Ever since the inception of the Muir Central College in 1873, efforts were constantly made to accommodate students coming from distant places. Formerly their were two boarding houses, one situated in the barrack in Malaka near the jail, where the Swarup Rani Hospital now stands. Later this boarding house was shifted to the tiled outhouse of the Lowther Castle, where the classes of the Collage were held. Finally it was shifted to a large thatched bungalow near the Bhardwaj Ashram. In 1910-11 the Muir Hostel(Now Amar Nath Jha Hostel) was constructed; the Law Hostel (Now Sir Sunder Lal Hostel) was completed on 1914-15; Pandit Ganga Nath Jha Hostel (initially called New Hostel) was completed on 1928; the Hindu Boarding House (Now popularly called Hindu Hostel), which was formerly a straight building between 1902-22 without two wings was also constructed. About the same time the Oxford and Cambridge courts of the present Holland Hall came into existence. Subsequently, the P. C. Banerji Hostel, the K. P. University College and the Diamond Jubilee Hostels were constructed. A few years back the Tara Chand Hostel was constructed. The Muslim Boarding House (popularly called Muslim Hostel) is the oldest of all these hostels for it was constructed in 1896-97. In this millenium year, the University of Allahabad completes more than a hundred and thirteen years.